Quality control

Meticulous and controlled processes to always guarantee the highest quality.

Quality guaranteeis the key word of the Company and is achieved with a careful selection of the suppliers and by continuously monitoring the respect of the quality standard, through precise analyses; these are effected in the new laboratory, recently set up with modern technologies and instruments at the leading edge.

Since 1996 the precision of the analysis methods is checked through a Ring-Test co-ordinated by the Catholic University of Piacenza.

As far as the toxicologic and sanitary aspects of the products used in the feed compound formulation are concerned, besides the normal internal analysis effected in their own laboratory,

the Company avails himself of the consultancy of the Istituto Zooprofilattico of Brescia, Aral laboratory in Crema and Neutron laboratory in Reggio Emilia.

Alfa-toxins prevention

A particular attention is focused to the prevention of the proliferation of the afla-toxins in the kernels of the “green” corn;

Receipt of “green” corn with separated storage on moisture basis.

Pre-cleaning of “green” corn (with ‘Marot” cleaner)

Drying within eight hours from receipt (with ‘Satig” drier)

Final cleaning of the dried corn with cleaner “Stolz”

Storing of the dried com in the warehouse with forced ventilation and continuous monitoring of the temperatures