Drying process

An advanced process to optimize times and improve quality.

To dry corn Cremaschini F.lli S.p.a. is equipped with a very updated French plant, divided in two units.

The big production capacity of the plants, about 4.500/5.000 mt/day, allows to optimize the schedule, from the harvest to the storing; this is fundamental in order to avoid long stops of the product before the drying process, where harmful processes of fermentation could start.

The drying process used known as French method at low temperatures consist in passing “green corn” in a first stage situated in the uper part of the plant, at the temperature of 110° C. Proceeding in the drying process, with the gradual decrease of the moisture, the corn goes down to the second stage, where the temperature is fixed at 80° in order to avoid damage for excessive heating to the partially dried kernels.

Before definitely leaving the plant, the dried product is let stand and cooled gradually in order to avoid breakage of the kernel used by the difference between the inside and the outside temperature. At this stage the dried product is cleaned again before proceeding to the storing.

The storing is effected in three silos and three warehouses. with a total pacity of 75.000 tons. Their sophisticated ventilation system guarantees a perfect conservation of the corn, that is fundamental for the safeguard of high nutritional values.

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